30 NEW EASY Beginner-Friendly Methods to Make Money On Fiverr With OVER 20 FREE TOOLS (in 2021)

2020 has changed the world forever; more and more people and businesses are seeking help from freelancers online, and thus individuals are also finding more opportunities to work from home, especially on websites like Fiverr!

Following the popularity of my previous installment on this topic (“20 Easy Fiverr Gigs Anyone Can Do Without Any Skill Using 20+ Free tools!“), I present to you even more and better methods for making money online as a freelancer on Fiverr!

In case you are not yet aware, it is one of the most popular and convenient online marketplaces for thousands of “gigs” (tasks of all sorts such as helping someone design a logo, online tutoring, and even helping others make phone calls), not only for one to find virtually any type of help they may need on a given project, but also as a great opportunity for making money online, right from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else with an internet connection (provided you are not breaking social distancing laws)!

While I have indeed made some money on Fiverr (check out one of my recently-completed gigs below), what I truly pride myself on is the extensive research I have done for the types of opportunities on the platform as well as many of the convenient tools that are available online to help one accomplish the tasks they need to, many of which are free!

Keep in mind that even with a new Fiverr account, one can list up to 7 different gigs to their name to maximize their money-making potential! And with this guide providing 30 ideas, there should be more than enough to mix and match with and pick from!

This is a gig I recently completed (though I’ve since been more dedicated to doing YouTube)!

Anyhow, without further ado, here are 30 Fiverr methods (along with over 20 free tools) for 2021 that one can consider trying out, even as a beginner!

Gig #1: Creating Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

The pandemic has necessitated not only working from home but also online conferencing, for which Zoom is the leading platform!

Free Tools:

  • Canva: Free online tool for very easy graphic design that comes with tons of free images and templates, including those for Zoom backgrounds!
  • Pexels: Website where photographers and videographers upload stock images and video clips that almost always come with rights for you to use in any way you like!
  • Placeit: Easy-to-use online tool for creating branded images (i.e. incorporating one’s logo into a Zoom virtual conference background); has many templates, but some are not free!

Gig #2: Zoom Virtual Assistant / Tech Support

Gig #3: File Conversions of Various Sorts

Free Tools:

  • Online-Convert: Free website that supports many different types of file conversions!
  • Handbrake: Free software for video transcoding and video file type conversions.
  • Calibre: Free software for formatting and converting ebooks.

Gig #4: Creating Planners / Journals, Puzzle Books, etc.

Free Tools:

  • Bookow: Free tool for generating measurement guidelines for book covers
  • Bookbolt: Includes a free tool for (literally) generating pages for various types of planners, journals, and more!

Gig #5: Niche Research (for Print on Demand & Ecommerce Sites such as Amazon)

Free Tools:

  • Twipho: Free tool for searching up recent image that have been posted on Twitter. For example, to do trend research, you can type in something like “Need this shirt”!
  • Merch Informer: (Free trial) Powerful tool for searching up the most popular trending print on demand and other merch designs.

Gig #6: Creating copy & Pastable Niche Social Media Posts

Free Tools:

Gig #7: Compilation Videos

Free Tools:

  • Reddit List: A site that compiles and organizes the most popular subreddits (for you to find video clips and images from)
  • Any Reddit or other social media video downloader (just Google the type you need; I’m not going to link any here because their URL could change at any time)
  • Canva (mentioned previously) for creating and editing slideshow videos!

Gig #8: Short Videos (such as ads)

Free Tools:

Gig #9: Music Compilations

Free Tools:

  • YouTube Audio Library: YouTube’s very own library of royalty-free audio clips that you can download!
  • You can also try Googling something like “royalty-free audio” or “music for commercial use”!
  • Canva (mentioned previously) for creating and editing slideshow videos!

Gig #10: Slideshow Presentations

Free Tools:

  • Google Slides: Google’s very own cloud-based slideshow creator, which even comes with templates!
  • Slides Carnival: Free slideshow templates that integrate directly with Google Slides!

Gig #11: GIFs

GIFs are essentially animated images! Watch my tutorial below for how exactly to do this!

Free Tools:

  • Google Slides: (mentioned above) Believe it or not, you can use this to create GIFs too!
  • Tall Tweets: Free tool for converting Google slideshows into GIFs!
  • Pixabay: Find royalty-free images for use in your GIFs!

Gig #12: Spreadsheets & Data Entry

Free Tool:

  • Google Sheets: Free, cloud-based Google tool for creating spreadsheets (comes with templates)

Gig #13: Creating Charts, Graphs, and Infographics

Free Tool:

  • Google Sheets: (mentioned above) You can also use this to easily create charts of all sorts (check out my video below for instructions)!

Gig #14: Forms & Surveys

Free Tool:

  • Google Forms: Yet another free Google tool, this time for easily creating forms and surveys of all sorts (comes with templates)

Gig #15: Photo Retouching, Spot-Healing, and More Simple Picture Editing

Free Tools:

  • Pixlr: Free, straight-to-the-point software (comes in two versions, one for beginners, and an advanced one) for doing one-click retouching to images!
  • Adobe Photoshop Express: Free app from Adobe for doing simple retouching and editing!

Gig #16: Mockups of Various Types

Mockups are essentially images or videos of a specific product being displayed (which can be done digitally)! For instance, for a mockup of a t-shirt design, you’d have an image of a person wearing that shirt!

Free Tools:

  • Place It: (mentioned above) Freemium website which provides tons of mockup templates!

Gig #17: Affiliate Marketing Funnels

This usually entails building a landing page (and, if you want, setting up an automated e-mail sequence for your client)! You can even offer to find the affiliate product(s) for your client to build around! It sounds complicated, but is actually made very easy with the free tools below! Also, refer to my video below for more specifics as to how to do this!


  • Lead Pages (Free trial): Create a landing page (for collecting one’s name and email) in minutes with their numerous templates and drag & drop builder!
  • Get Response (Free trial, no credit card required): Easily set up email marketing campaigns for your client!

Gig #18: Facebook Pixel Installation

A Facebook Pixel is a special cookie that tracks who visits a given website (on which the Pixel is installed). It is actually quite easy to set up!

Free Tool:

  • Facebook Pixel: Simply follow Facebook’s own instructions on how to install a Pixel (and refer to my video below)!

Gig #19: Social Media Management

Free Tool:

  • Tailwind: This freemium tool allows you to schedule both Instagram and Pinterest posts, but also recommends keywords and even posts to use!

Gig #20: Chatbot Setup (for Facebook Pages and/or Websites)

A chatbot is precisely as its name implies: it is a bot that replies automatically to people’s queries when they message a certain Facebook page or website!

Free Tool:

  • Mobile Monkey: A easy to use, freemium platform with pre-set settings for chatbots! You can even share accounts with your client!

Gig #21: AR Filters and Lenses

These are the AR stickers (such as dog ears) you see people use on Instagram and other social media platforms! Designing them is actually quite easy using the tool below!

Free Tool:

  • Spark AR: This is a free software that comes from Facebook themselves (who own Instagram), to make it convenient for anyone to create and customize their own AR stickers and filters!

Gig #22: Transcription

The great thing about being able to do transcription work is that other than Fiverr, there are many other websites (notably Rev.com) which offer transcription job opportunities!

Free Tool:

  • Google Docs: Simply type your text into this free, online software! It also conveniently comes with a speech-to-text feature, if that’s your thing!

Gig #23: Branding Services, including Business Name Ideas and Domain Name Checking

To make your branding service more competitive and stand out, you can deliver brand name ideas that actually have domains (URLs) still available to them!

Free Tools:

  • My Website’s Domain Checker (scroll down to the domain checker): simply type in the domain (URL) you would like to check and the tool will tell you whether it is available! Be sure to disable AdBlock for this to work properly!
  • Shopify’s Business Name Generator: Free tool for generating numerous business name ideas, regardless of one’s niche!

Gig #24: Audio Remastering

Free Tool:

  • Audacity: One of the most popular (and it’s free!) audio mastering softwares, which is relatively simple to use, and has tons of tutorials for online because of its popularity!

Gig #25: Consultations (written)

This can be for something very specific; for instance, I used to do YouTube consulting on Fiverr!

Free Tool:

  • Google Docs: Write your feedback / advice for your client on a Google Doc, then save it as a PDF to send to them!

Gig #26: Life Coaching

Similar to the above; help somebody cope with a lockdown or being constantly stuck at home!

Free Tool:

Gig #27: App/Software/Website/Game/etc. Testing

Free Tool:

  • OBS Studio: Use this free software to record your screen (and your feedback)!

Gig #28: Research and Summaries

To find reliable sources on Google, focus on .edu, .org, and .gov domains!

Gig #29: Mood Boards

These are essentially collages of pictures from whichever niche / topic your client wishes!

Free Tool:

  • Canva (mentioned previously) a truly versatile tool; Canva also has templates for mood boards!

Gig #30: Buying and Mailing something from Your Country

This is exactly as its name implies; just remember to factor in all of your purchasing and mailing fees when you charge your client! Do also record proof of you purchasing the item (preferably through video), and keep your receipts for everything!

And those were 30 beginner-friendly Fiverr gigs, plus over 20 free tools! If you need a more thorough tutorial for any of these methods, check out my video tutorial below! It also further links to in-depth demonstrations for specific gigs! I do hope this was helpful!


Fred Chang, your friendly neighborhood Entrepreneur





Creator of the Influencer Unchained YouTube Channel, where I teach cutting-edge methods for making money online and digital entrepreneurship!

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Fred Chang

Fred Chang

Creator of the Influencer Unchained YouTube Channel, where I teach cutting-edge methods for making money online and digital entrepreneurship!

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